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Emergency Wayfinder™
UL 1994,ULC-S572
UL 2572 (in Progress)

Emergency Wayfinder™provides a directional cascading light network that directs building occupants to safety and away from hazards during emergency situation. It offers dynamic logic control operation* permitting path and direction control based on the evolution of the emergency.

* Fire alarm control logic can directly control a Wayfinder network through a custom interface

Features :

  • Dual Luminescence based features – LED luminance and photoluminescent, to provide
    Fail-Safe directional cascading light and an egress path solution
  • Compatible to receive NAC signal supplies from UL Listed Fire Alarm Control Panels
  • Customized External Power Supply and Micro Controller are available as an option
    (Integratable with most UL Listed Fire Alarm and Mass Notification Control Panels through
    jointly developed Common Alert Protocol)
  • Operating Voltage at DC 24V
  • Waterproof PVC Extruded Jacket to achieve IP65
  • Optional LED pitch design (30mm – 180mm)
  • Longer length application is available in adjusted pitch length – up to 100 meter or 330ft
  • Unique manufacturing processes and functional properties are protected by more than a
    dozen international patents
  • External Class II power supply
  • Light Engine will partner with you to develop a unique interface for your specific application

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